Every organization desires progress, improvement and growth, while maintaining a strong, stable foundation amid variable business conditions. How do the most successful companies achieve that seamless balance to remain competitive in today’s marketplace?

They embrace change.

From the people and processes that comprise your organization to your corporate brand, Stiglin Consulting is a proven leader in facilitating the changes needed to successfully advance your business.

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Let’s start with the people and processes that comprise your organization. Your best, most talented employees will fail if your structure and operating practices are lacking. By the same token, the best structure and practices in the world can’t make up for ineffectual employees.

From workflow audits to resource redesigns, management coaching to custom-onsite training, Stiglin Consulting partners with corporate marketing and in-house agencies to identify and break through the barriers that inhibit organizational success.

Everyone and everything associated with your company is a representation of your unique brand. From how you advertise to how you answer the phone, every point of contact is an opportunity to deliver on the promise of your brand.

Yet, many companies are challenged to fulfill that promise because their brand identities are no longer relevant or their management practices are lacking. Stiglin Consulting works with clients to enable a consistent experience at every point of contact with the marketplace.

Client Testimonials

Advance Auto Parts hired Marta Stiglin to help our Visual Branding team recognize our weaknesses and play to our strengths, become a better strategic partner, and manage workflow effectively and productively while increasing internal collaboration. Marta helped us achieve all of those things. She was a big plus for my team and the company!

Shawn Murray, Director of Visual Branding, Advance Auto Parts

“Marta Stiglin is a consummate professional. I have rarely seen anyone as diligent, with a deep knowledge of her subjects, and at the same time such a joy to work with. I have had the great pleasure of working with Marta both as a colleague and a consultant, and I could not recommend anyone more highly.”

Buz Laughlin, Director, Creative, Bose Corporation

“Marta Stiglin brings superb technical expertise, stunningly quick and accurate insight into business issues, and does so with a bright and engaging manner. She is a ‘rock star’ in working with creative operations…(and) has made a big impact on our (organization).”

Jim Wilson, Director of Communication Services, Boy Scouts of America

“In order to maintain growth and deliver value in a changing market, we needed to build a more efficient operation without sacrificing our unique creative environment. Marta Stiglin was instrumental in helping us visualize the new environment. We’ve been able to adhere to our core marketing mantra…while preserving a relaxed and creative culture.”

John Cole, President, Cole Creative

“Marta is an experienced professional who provided a much-needed service to us during a department reorganization. Her vast knowledge of in-house creative process was instrumental in helping us adapt our practices to a more efficient and highly service-oriented model. Almost immediately, we saw a difference in how our team was viewed by their internal and external partners. Productivity improved and employee engagement soared! I would highly recommend Marta for internal/external agencies looking to improve people skills, process, and assistance in hiring strong team members.”

Alexandra Miller, Director, Promotion Innovation, CVS Health

“Marta’s work…was that of facilitator to group meetings with school administrators, clergy, and Board members. (Her) professionalism, respect of individuals’ perspectives, and understanding of group dynamics permeated the sessions and planted the seeds for ongoing dialogue that will ultimately lead to a common vision for our schools.”

Mary Moran, Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of New Hampshire

“Marta Stiglin is an excellent presenter—focused, concise and knowledgeable. She gives actionable advice informed by extensive experience.”

Marc Silver, Executive Director of Creative Services & Digital Strategy, ETS / Educational Testing Service

“Genworth engaged Marta Stiglin to help departments across the organization function more effectively in a more rewarding environment. With contagious energy, a keen depth of knowledge, a caring nature, and a great sense of humor, Marta earned the respect and trust of others with ease and provided a constructive platform for associates to re-engage. She identified opportunities and sighted quick wins while tackling long-standing challenges. She also provided coaching related to work teams and delivered insights that reached across, and benefited, the entire organization. Having worked at a number of terrific companies, I have had exposure to many skilled consultants. Marta is by far the best and most insightful coach and advisor with whom I have had the privilege of working.”

Gia Owens, Creative Director, Genworth Financial

“As a rapidly growing company, we were struggling to keep up with the demands of different business segments. Marta Stiglin helped us redefine our internal structure to maximize efficiency without comprising customer service. Her vision and innate ability to simplify complicated situations and arrive at the clear solution made a huge difference in the way we work.”

Pamela Cumming, Vice President Corporate Marketing, Hologic, Inc.

“We called on Marta to help us take Marriott’s internal creative agency to the next level of effectiveness. She helped us reposition the agency for growth including new organizational design, change management plan, and management coaching. Marta’s understanding of in-house agencies coupled with her ability to understand our corporate construct made her an invaluable resource.”

Stacey Milne, VP and Managing Director, Global Incentives and Marketing Services, Marriott International

“Marta facilitated and guided strategy building between Marketing and Engineering. The result was a defined plan that was implementable and successful in its outcome. Marta also assisted me personally in defining a plan that formalized our marketing strategy into the fabric of the very diverse and global marketing organization that we built.”

Paul Olean, Director of Marketing, Mimio

“Marta helped our company re-brand. Her insights around marketing strategy and brand development were instrumental to the process, as were her project management skills. My experience was so positive that when we made our first acquisition, I immediately hired Marta to assist with the integration efforts. Again she did an outstanding job leading us through a well organized process and an on-time delivery. I would highly recommend Marta and Stiglin Consulting.”

John King, Chief Executive Officer, OmniSYS

“As a charter Board member and chairman emeritus of the In-House Agency Forum, Marta has been an invaluable contributor to the success of our professional association. In my opinion, there is no one in the country that knows more about how to run an effective, efficient in-house agency operation than Marta Stiglin.”

Rick Hooker, Chairman, Pile and Company

“Marta Stiglin is a skilled and respected marketing strategist and project leader. Her insights have been critical to meeting our clients’ business and marketing objectives. She is a valuable and trusted contributor. We will continue to work with Marta as often as possible!”

Amy Paxson, Managing Partner, VOX Marketing

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