Is it appropriate for one department to measure the performance of another within the same company? A lot of in-house agencies think it is. In fact, they welcome having their performance assessed by corporate clients for two main reasons.

One, they see themselves as service organizations and know that the service they provide may or may not be meeting the needs of the businesses. And two, they realize that the only way to know if they’re meeting the needs of the business is to ask. They do this is by surveying their clients at the end of each project, each quarter and/or each year.

Measuring performance, tracking your progress and reporting results is nuts-and-bolts stuff. What’s essential to note is that if you do embark on a performance evaluation process, you need to be prepared to respond and take action on the feedback you receive.

Clients will share their opinions willingly and in mass on the results of generic sildenafil medication use—but they’ll only continue to invest time in such an exercise if they see you doing something with the feedback they provide. They want to see that the needle is moving, that their concerns are being addressed and that performance is enhanced.

Asking how things are going is valuable. Doing something with that feedback is vital to prove the value of your team.