What would life be like if the issues you perceive as negative or problematic were actually embraced as your greatest opportunities of the day? Think about it. In the past 24 hours, how many times have you been bothered by or griped about something at work? Twice? Five times? Ten? Now think about those same two, five or ten obstacles as opportunities to empower yourself and advance your organization.

Making things better by making things happen.

It’s easier to complain about what’s not working than it is to take action to address it. Easier to dismiss the possibility of a solution or assume someone else is better suited to be “the fixer” than it is to do something about it. The reality is, such thinking comes from a disempowered place. It’s only when we recognize our power to make things happen that we can realize our potential to make things better. That’s what this blog is all about.

With each post I’ll explore a concern shared by one of my clients, turning obstacles into opportunities. I invite you to reveal the challenges you face, along with your response to the opinions offered. I look forward to hearing from you, to exchanging ideas and to empowering each of us to be the change we desire within our respective organizations.